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Excluded Lives

This ESRC large grant aims to advance a multi-disciplinary understanding, and home-international comparison, of the political economies of exclusion, and how more equitable outcomes can be achieved for pupils, their families, and professionals. This will ensure that the knowledge gained of the costs and consequences of exclusion is comprehensive and captures the complexity of the interactions of different incentives and actions.

The research team, headed by the Department of Education, is a collaborative effort involving co-investigators from Oxford’s Faculty of Law, Centre for Criminology and Department of Psychiatry and, more widely, the University of Edinburgh, Cardiff University, Queen’s University Belfast and London School of Economics.

This project builds on previous research funded by the John Fell Fund, specifically two grants:
Daniels, Porter and Thompson: Disparities in rates of permanent exclusion from school across the UK (£39,790)
Daniels and Thompson: An Interdisciplinary View of Permanent Disciplinary Exclusion in Oxfordshire (£39,265)

The project is predominantly UK focused though features a wide international network expanding the potential for non-UK impact and knowledge exchange.

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External project team

Co-Investigators at the Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford:
Rachel Condry, Professor of Criminology

Co-Investigators at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford:
Lucinda Ferguson, Associate Professor of Family Law

Co-Investigators at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford:
Mina Fazel, Associate Professor

Co-Investigators at Queen’s University Belfast:
Laura Lundy, Co-Director of the Centre for Children’s Rights
Tony Gallagher, Professor of Education at the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work
Gavin Duffy, Lecturer at the School of Social Sciences Education and Social Work
Gareth Robinson, Research Fellow at the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Co-Investigators at The University of Edinburgh:
Gillean McCluskey, Deputy Director of the Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)
Ingrid Obsuth, Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the School of Health in Social Science

Co-Investigators at Cardiff University:
Sally Power, Director of the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research Data and Method (WISERD)
Chris Taylor, Co-Director of the Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods (WISERD)

Co-Investigators at London School of Economics:
Eva Bonin, Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (CPEC)

Research Team

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