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Rethinking Capacity Building: Ethnographic portraits of East African sciences

In Kenya and Uganda many doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers are part of complex transnational research and training networks set up to build research ‘capacity ‘in African universities.

These early career academics have to negotiate academic cultures and institutional priorities defined by international funders.┬áThe aim is to craft a series of ethnographic portraits in collaboration with young East African scientists, and use them to generate comparative research insights. The work will help explore the policy assumptions around ‘capacity-building’, an area of growing interest for anthropologists of science.

Academic Publishing Practices: Perspectives from African Universities

What strategies do early career researchers in African universities use in deciding where, when and how to publish their academic work? This collaborative GCRF-funded project brings together the University of Oxford and the University of Ghana to explore academic publication practices in a range of applied and interdisciplinary fields. The aim is to develop a fuller understanding how individual choices are shaped by institutional expectations and incentives within a commercial publishing environment.

We are doing interviews with a range of academic staff at two Ghanaian universities. We are also seeking to gather the insights of journal editors and peer reviewers working for new academic publishers that have opened up publishing opportunities for African researchers.

Dates – Sept 2019 – July 2020
Funding – Research England GCRF internal funding
Staffing – PI – David Mills, Co-I Patricia Kingori (Ethox), Paulina Tindana (University of Ghana)
Research Assistants – Samuel Chatio (University of Ghana), Abigail Branford, Natasha Robinson, Iyone Agboraw, Kelsey Inouye (Univ of Oxford)

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