Believing in Better

Friday, June 3, 2016

Category: News

A new report was published today by the Sutton trust. Believing in Better (authors Pam Sammons, Katalin Toth and Kathy Sylva)  is the third in a series funded by the Sutton Trust that are based on an A-level  follow up of the EPPSE 3-16 sample.

The latest report shows that students’ aspirations and self-belief influence A level take up, in addition to the important role of background.

Gender differences in the importance attached to going to university are found by age 13, with girls attaching more importance to university than boys.

Disadvantaged pupils generally  have lower aspirations, but taking into account their GCSE results, disadvantaged pupils with higher aspirations are more likely to go on to take 3 A levels.

For further information, see the Sutton Trust website

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