CIE MSc Students Complete Capstone trip to UNESCO, OECD and IIEP

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


In Week 7 of Hilary Term, a cohort of CIE MSc students traveled to Paris to meet with experts at UNESCO, OECD, and the IIEP.

At UNESCO, the group met with program officers in the areas of Mobile Technology, the Teacher Task Force, and the Global Monitoring Report. At OECD, participants met with PISA specialists and the Director of Education. At IIEP, the cohort interacted with field-representatives who work in conflict and post-conflict areas.

“I see in this group of Oxford students future colleagues, partners, and resources for knowledge,” remarked UNESCO’s Dr. Edem Adubra, Head of the International Task Force of Teachers for Education for All.

Upon returning to Oxford, students reflected on the trip. “I am continuing to think about how the IIEP framework for crisis-planning can be used to promote inclusive education for Roma,” notes Hannah Halder, researching Romanian education policy for her dissertation. Ylkke Picarizi, who is studying Kosovo teacher education policies, notes, “Visiting OECD offered me insight into that organisation’s position and impact on policy formation worldwide.” On a more practical level, Natalia Kolnik remarks, “It was nice to be able to ask the OECD’s education representative the type of candidate being hired for the OECD’s internships.”

Professor David Phillips led the group, many of whom are featured in the accompanying photo.