Department gives evidence on lifelong learning to Economic Affairs Select Committee

Friday, March 16, 2018

Category: News

Professor Ewart Keep (Director, Centre on Skills Knowledge and Organisational Performance) gave evidence on lifelong learning to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee on Tuesday 27 February.

The witnesses, also including Professor Sir Alan Tuckett (University of Wolverhampton) and Mr Stephen Evans (Learning and Work Institute), were asked about the boundaries between further and higher education and funding for adult education, and answered questions on the decline of adult learning, the reform of its funding, qualification and training targets and recommendations on support for flexible life-long learning.

Professor Ewart Keep has been a full-time researcher on education, training and skills for 32 years, and is the director of the Centre on Skills, Knowledge & Organisational Performance (SKOPE).  SKOPE was founded in 1998, and was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council for 15 years. He has written extensively on the impact of skill on economic performance, as well as on lifelong learning, apprenticeships, the incentives to learn, employers’ attitudes towards skills and training, skill utilisation and workplace innovation, higher education policy, and the formulation and implementation of skills policy across the UK.

The Economic Affairs Committee is one of the six permanent investigative committees in the House of Lords. Examining matters within its remit with which Parliament ought to be concerned, it reports to the House of Lords with recommendations for government action.

Find out more about the meeting here, or watch in full here.