Exploring generative AI (GenAI) for Education

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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On Friday 15th March, teachers and pre-service teachers gathered to explore Generative AI (GenAI) for Education.

Led by Sara Ratner from the Learning for Families through Technology (LiFT) team, the attendees delved into the world of GenAI through a multi-stakeholder perspective. The morning began with scene setting before examining GenAI from the policymaker/regulatory perspective. Our invited speaker, Dr Fengchun Miao, Chief of the Unit for Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education at UNESCO, explored the evolution of Generative AI and its impact on education before sharing some insights into the development of the AI Competency Frameworks for Teachers and Students that are soon to be published.  The participants shared that, “Having such a speaker from UNESCO was inspiring!”

Equipped with an overview through the policy lens, the participants then delved into the technologists’ perspective with an engaging presentation by Henry Taylor, AI Data Scientist from Microsoft. As one participant shared, we enjoyed “brilliant, practical takeaways provided by Microsoft for the use of generative AI in the classroom.”

After lunch, we, as educators tried to bring together the policy and technology perspectives to examine how this can be translated into classroom practice. A series of use case scenarios were shared. The participants examined some of the many challenges we face when engaging with GenAI for education. The participants described these as “well facilitated discussions which also brought new insights and understanding.”

One participant shared, “the discussions of Sara’s scenarios was fascinating – even if they raised more questions than they answered! (but I appreciate that’s where we are with AI right now – there are no answers, only more questions)” which really sums up the day.

GenAI presents educators with boundless opportunities and challenges in equal measure. A challenge that was accepted by the Oxford Deanery and resulted in an excellent day of rich, professional learning conversations. A conversation that we hope will continue. Overall, one participant said it as a “really fun day with so much optimism in the room and in the presentations!” The room was abuzz, and everyone is clearly keen for more opportunities to engage and “play” with the potential of GenAI for education in a safe and well-informed way.



“Really well organised and well-structured event. Thank you so much for the time and energy spent putting it together.”

“Really fun day. So much optimism in the room and in the presentations!”

“Fascinating event!”

“Sara Ratner was a brilliant facilitator – prompting deep discussion amongst attendees.”


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