Friday, December 15, 2023

Category: News

The Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) will be organising its ninth annual conference on the Future of Higher Education on Thursday 15 February 2024.

From considerations on what is needed from higher education to help face challenges of the future and the path for education and research through a crisis-ridden world, to how higher education can contribute to sustainable societies, the conference will take place in a participatory format.

Those in attendance will take full part in discussion on the two main questions on which CGHE researchers will present at the conference, drawing on different lines of research.

Theme 1 is ‘What are the effects of higher education for graduates? The conference will share the outcomes of CGHE research on student learning in STEM, graduate employment in the UK and across the world, and the longer-term effects of the student loan burden.

Theme 2 is ‘Worldwide higher education? What are the similarities and differences between national systems?’ Here the discussion will be informed by CGHE project research on the supranational higher education space, digital higher education, comparison of research evaluation in different national systems, the public good role of higher education in 10 countries, and the longer term pattern of funding and staffing in France and England.

After the theme presentations by CGHE project leaders, the discussion will move into break-out groups and everyone at the conference will have the opportunity to speak.

The conference will open with the annual Burton R. Clark lecture on Higher Education, delivered this year by CGHE director Simon Marginson who is also joint editor-in-chief of Higher Education, the leading journal in the research field.

It will close with a panel of emerging researchers who will talk about future research on higher education.

Funded by the Economic and Social Research since November 2015 to tackle big picture issues on the local, national and global scales, the centre’s researchers will look at the future of higher education and discuss the results of their work.

This will be the final annual CGHE conference under the present ESRC award at the UCL Institute of Education. The award period of CGHE, which is headquartered at the University of Oxford and brings together researchers from 10 universities in the UK and around the world, ends on 30 April 2024, after which the centre becomes self-funding.

Read more about the full conference programme and registration details.