Learning for Families Through Technology (LiFT) Symposium hailed a success

Friday, March 15, 2024

Category: News

LiFT Project team

A symposium recognising research into children using digital technologies and their development has been hailed a success.

The Learning for Families Through Technology (LiFT) project has been worked on for the last six years by researchers at Oxford University’s Department of Education.

An event was held this week reviewing the work done to date and outlining next steps for the project.

Director of the Department, and lead for the LiFT project, Professor Victoria Murphy said: “The event was everything I could have hoped for and more today. It was really inspiring and I felt proud knowing that I was part of this fantastic research that our Department has facilitated.

“I really think we’re making some important discoveries in terms of how we support children’s learning through digital technology.

“The overall aim of LiFT is to benefit society through the development of leading research that will provide a better understanding of the nature of learning through digital technology and will serve as an important step in encouraging families’ engagement in their children’s education.”

The Learning for Families through Technology (LiFT) project is a collaboration between Ferrero International, Gameloft and the Department of Education.

It looks at using app games to teach vocabulary to children, delves into children’s creativity in digital games and the benefits, and looks at features of apps, digital games, and e-books which influence joint interactions between adults and children.

You can find out more about the project on the website: LiFT: Learning for Families through Technology – Department of Education (ox.ac.uk)