New Strategy for Child Services in Wales Launches

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Category: News

A new strategy for improving early years and maternity services in West Wales has been launched, emphasising a commitment to putting children at the centre of integrated child services.

Professor Iram Siraj OBE, Professor of Child Development and Education at the University of Oxford’s Department of Education, was invited to the launch conference as the main keynote speaker.

Professor Siraj said: “In my keynote, I highlighted the compelling evidence from developmental neuroscience and economics about the power of early intervention in transforming children’s and parent’s trajectories from failure to success.

“I explained the “processes” underlying risk, resilience, protection, and vulnerability and how they operate through complex interactions between different bio-psycho-social “systems”; individual, family, pre-school, peer groups; and community.

“I demonstrated through the research evidence how services working together could achieve population change early in a child’s life and thereby foster a strengthening of resilience and achievement in both individuals and communities.”

The launch of the strategy marks the beginning of a very exciting journey for both professionals and families living across West Wales, which will positively impact on the outcomes of our future generations.

Read the Maternity & Early Years Strategy for West Wales.