Nine new scholarships announced to support educators

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Category: News

Nine new scholarships have been announced by the Department to support practising educators. 

The scholarships, which have been announced today [10th January], hope to attract and retain the best candidates regardless of background or ability to pay. 

The nine scholarships are for practising educators who are pursuing a post-graduate qualification at the University of Oxford, who also have an admission offer for the MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching, MSc in Educational Assessment, MSc in Learning and Teaching or the MSc in Teacher Education in Michaelmas term. 

Professor Trevor Mutton, Director for Graduate Studies, said: “We’re delighted to be offering these scholarships for practising educators. 

“The scholarships are for people who are currently practising at a school in the UK and plan to remain so for the duration of the course. We want to target those working in non-fee-paying schools or schools that are particularly challenging such as those located within an area of deprivation, where there is a high percentage of pupils who are eligible for free school meals, challenged pupil intake, or other contextual factors. 

“We would encourage anyone who meets the above criteria to find out more from our website.” 

The maximum value of the scholarships is up to £2,000 per annum for the agreed course as a contribution towards your course fees, and your application for the course in question must be received by 1st March. The award is made for the full duration of the period of fee liability for the agreed course, subject to satisfactory academic progress being made.  

Read more about the scholarships on the Educational Citizenship Scholarships page.