Oxford Education Deanery in VC’s Oration

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


In her first oration, Professor Louise Richardson set out her vision for Oxford highlighting the work of the Education Deanery, acknowledging the expertise of the Education Department and the significant work being done with local schools.

An extract of her speech is quoted here:

“As an institution populated by educators we, of course, have a keen interest in schools. Our Deanery, which builds on expertise that already exists in our Education Department, works in partnership with local schools to support teachers in their professional development, enabling them to conduct research on issues important to schools, and introducing both teachers and pupils to university research projects. The Deanery works with 18 secondary and 5 primary schools across Oxfordshire and thousands of young people are benefiting.  Our admissions office and access teams work with teachers and schools across the country reaching tens of thousands of students, their parents, and teachers each year.”

The VC’s full oration can be found through the link below.