Heath Rose is Professor of Applied Linguistics, with a specialisation in language teaching research. He is Director for People at the Department and Vice-Principal of Linacre College.

After completing a PGCE in 1997, Heath started his teaching career in Australian and Japanese schools. He eventually moved into teaching in higher education, while completing a PhD in Education from The University of Sydney. Stemming from this professional background, Heath’s research interests are situated within the field of language teaching and language learning. His research has included self-regulation and language learner strategies, Global Englishes, teaching English as an international language, and English Medium Instruction. Publications include a number of books on Global Englishes, including Introducing Global Englishes (Routledge) and Global Englishes for Language Teaching (Cambridge) in addition to books on research methods, including the Routledge Handbook of Applied Linguistics (Routledge) and Data Collection Research Methods in Applied Linguistics (Bloomsbury). He is series co-editor of Cambridge Elements in Language Teaching.

He has published numerous research articles related to language education in journals such as Higher Education, Language Policy, Applied Linguistics, ELT Journal, TESOL Quarterly, System, and Modern Language Journal. Heath is the coordinator of the English Medium Instruction Research Group, and runs the wider EMI Oxford Research Network



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