Multaka Oxford Evaluation

Multaka Oxford is a collaborative project between Oxford University’s Museums of the History of Science, the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford community partners, and individual people and groups. It is a highly collaborative project which will create inclusive volunteer experiences targeting (but not siloing) people from refugee communities to support people to build confidence, create a positive experience of inclusion, get work experience and support community integration.

The project also aims to use the collections as a platform for socially engaged practice, enhance understanding, narratives and engagement of the collections. It will focus on learning from peoples’ different perspectives, sharing of skills, and developing new, knowledge and experience to develop multi-layered, multi-vocal interpretation, and diverse approaches to public engagement

Researchers from the Department of Education are providing evaluation of the Multaka project to investigate the impacts on the lives of the refugees involved, the perceptions of the community partners, and museum staff’s experience of the project. We will adopt an evaluation approach which trains volunteers as peer evaluators to gather data while developing the employability skills Multaka is aiming to build in volunteers.

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