Teaching Effective Early Mathematics and Understanding in Primary (TEEMUP) study

The intervention is a continuing professional development (CPD) which consists of the equivalent of 45 hours of training, and three plus follow-up days which include mentoring and coaching visits.

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The training CPD has three elements:

  • face-to-face training workshops (delivered by early child development and maths experts);
  • an online learning platform (with additional resources, materials and discussion forums);
  • a system of coaching and mentoring (designed to support and ensure the integrity/fidelity of practice).

The intervention will be tailored to meet the needs of staff in several ways:

  • Content of the coaching visits and their timing and frequency will be tailored to individuals and their school.
  • Content on the online platform will be responsive to engagement from practitioners and differentiated to their needs and accessible to their peers.
  • Engagement in the online platform and knowledge collected from the coaching visits will feed into what is covered on any follow up training days.

The CPD programme aims to empower staff to make their own professional judgements about how best to teach the children in their classes. It is therefore expected that the staff will individually interpret and tailor the materials themselves to best serve their class. A minimum of one teacher from Reception and one from Year 1 will directly receive the CPD and be expected to use their professional judgement to integrate recommendations in mathematics teaching. However, the CPD is likely to support/change their delivery across several areas of learning as the CPD discusses how to integrate and consolidate maths skills across the curriculum. The primary outcomes is improvement in maths, the secondary outcome is self-regulation. The intervention will be evaluated through an RCT designed by a team from York University.