The 6th Biennual International SELF Conference 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Category: News

Prof Herb Marsh (University of Oxford Education Department, SELF Research Group) recently co-hosted the 6th Biennial International SELF Conference, attracting over 300 delegates from 25 countries to Laval University in picturesque Quebec City June 19-22.

The Oxford delegation included Herb Marsh, Benjamin Nagengast, Kate Xu, Francesca Scalas, Karolina Retali, and Ioulia Televantou. Cutting edge research on the centrality of SELF theory for enabling human potential included such topics as attributions, emotions, expectancies, goals, identity, motivation, passion, values, self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-concept. Keynote speakers Jacquelynne Eccles (winner of this year’s Shavelson Award), Edward Deci, Robert Vallerand, Andrew Elliot, Reinhard Pekrun, and Mark Leary were a highlight of the conference.

Herb Marsh provided the final keynote speech of the conference, demonstrating the breadth of SELF research over the last 30 years. Oxford DPhil graduate, Kate Xu, won the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award. We have already received multiple expressions of interest to host the next SELF conference.