The Centre for Global Higher Education awarded ESRC legacy centre funding for 5 years

Monday, March 4, 2024

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David Mills will be taking up the CGHE directorship in May

The Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) is delighted to announce that the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has awarded the centre legacy status for five years from May 2024. This confirms the ongoing excellence and credibility of CGHE’s work. The funding will help maximise the impact and use of CGHE’s existing research as well as open up new opportunities.

David Mills, who will be taking up the CGHE directorship in May, said: “Under Simon Marginson’s leadership, CGHE has established itself as a key space for global higher education research. With legacy centre funding, CGHE’s future is assured, and I look forward to working with all the CGHE team to build on his achievements.”

The University of Birmingham and University of Johannesburg will join the CGHE partnership, strengthening CGHE’s policy expertise. They will be represented by Chris Millward and Thandi Lewin respectively, both of whom have extensive civil service experience. CGHE research leader Ka Ho Mok, who joins Hong Kong’s Hang Seng University in June 2024, will also become part of the executive group, alongside Jan McArthur from Lancaster University. Claire Callender from University College London continues as CGHE Deputy Director, along with Alis Oancea from University of Oxford.

CGHE has held over 400 webinars and events throughout the last nine years, and its 30 researchers have published more than 1000 different outputs. The transcripts, slides and recordings of all past events are available on the CGHE website, along with more than 100 working papers and policy briefings.

The Centre nurtures a global community of higher and tertiary education researchers. Key to this are its research webinars, which will continue on Tuesdays at 2-3pm (UK time) from May. Students, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers are always welcome to register, contribute and participate.

To find out more about CGHE’s plans, visit the website.

The ESRC is the UK’s largest funder of economic, social, behavioural, and human data science. The ESRC legacy centre status review is carried out to establish the ongoing excellence and credibility of a former ESRC centre, and to assess potential for continued recognition as an ESRC centre for a further 5-year period. The extended period of recognition is intended to maximise the impact of the research activity and ESRC investment to date and support the centre through recognition of excellence to ensure the influence and use of its research.