Christine Paget

After completing an MSc Education in Research Design and Methodology in 2012 at Oxford, I moved into the DPhil Education programme in October 2013.

My research is focused on educational policy as intended by policy makers and as experienced by teachers and students. Mixed Methods are used to address the research questions.

I hold two Bachelor degrees from the University of British Columbia, Canada (B.A. History & Geography and B.Ed), as well as a Master of Arts in Curriculum Studies and Educational Administration from the same university. I have over a decade of teaching experience including two years in Rio de Janeiro and nine years in West Vancouver.

My Doctoral research is supervised by Professor Pam Sammons and Professor Jo-Anne Baird and my studies are partially funded by the Kellogg Progress Scholarship.


Thesis title
Exploring school resources and teacher qualification policies, their implementation and effects on schools and students’ educational outcomes in Brazil.

Professor Jo-Anne Baird and Professor Pam Sammons

Research interests
Educational policy, mixed methods, large scale assessment data, educational effectiveness, teacher effectiveness.


  • Research student

College affiliation

  • Kellogg College

Research groups

  • Families, Effective Learning and Literacy (FELL)
  • Philosophy, Religion and Education
  • Quantitative Methods Hub