Professor John Howson

Prof John Howson is managing director of, an Oxford based research company and an authority on the labour market for teachers as well as an Oxfordshire County Councillor for the St Margaret’s division that covers the area of the city to the north and west of the Department.

A former deputy head of education at Brookes University and government adviser on teacher supply matters, John taught in a Tottenham secondary school for seven years and worked in teacher training and development in Worcester and Durham as well as Oxford.

His Annual Survey of the Labour market for Senior Staff appointments in Schools reached its 28th edition. In 2012, he was part of the Oxford Group reviewing teacher education in Brunei and has advised their government on teacher supply modelling. He has appeared before several parliamentary select committees and he pioneered the use of web-based careers advice for teachers. In 2013 he was appointed Chair of the Recruitment Employers Confederation Education Advisory Panel.


  • 28th Annual Report on the Labour Market for Senior Staff in Schools – January 2012.
  • Howson J & McNamara O, (2012) Teacher workforce planning: the interplay of market forces and government policies during a period of economic uncertainty. Educational Research Vol 54 No 2 June 2012, pp 1-13
  • Key considerations on how to fight the expected shortage of qualified teachers: Experiences and current policy proposals on possible strategies contributing to improved teacher recruitment and retention. Speech to European Employers Federation; Brussels September 2012

Research in 2014

  • Study for the School Teachers Review Body into working of the labour market for teachers
  • Research for Nuffield foundation into the qualifications of those teaching Mathematics in schools at Key Stage 5


  • Honorary Norham Fellow