Xin Xu

Xin is a DPhil candidate in Education and a Clarendon Scholar at the University of Oxford.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Xin completed a BA in English Language and Literature with first-class honours at Tsinghua University, and received her MA degree in Higher Education with distinction at Peking University.

Xin’s doctoral research investigates the implications and impacts of encouraging international publications in Chinese universities, especially how this trend has influenced Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences faculty members’ research activities.


Title of thesis
The influence of incentives for international publications on Humanities and Social Sciences faculty’s research activities in China’s higher education

Professor Alis Oancea and Dr Hubert Ertl

Research interests
Higher education policy; Comparative and international education; Research impact and evaluation


Journal articles

  • Xu, X. (2014) Reforms and transformations: British University Grants Committee in the “Post– Robbins era”. University Education Science, 6, 94-99.
  • Xu, X. & Jiang, K. (2014) Academic internationalization and Chinese Social Sciences evaluation system: taking SSCI indicators as an example. Chongqing Higher Education Research, 6, 104-108.
  • Jiang, K. & Xu, X. (2014) Reducing the knowledge gap: inner core and contributions of Deng Xiaoping’s thoughts on study abroad. Fudan Education Forum, 4(70), 11–15.

Conference presentation

  • Xu, X. (2014, March) Return and re-entry of female returnee faculty in China’s top university: a case study. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), Toronto, Canada.

Translation works

  • Torres, C. A. (2014) The neoliberal common sense and global universities: knowledge commodification in higher education. Trans. Xu, X. Peking University Education Review, 1(45), 2–16.
  • Naidoo, R. & Williams, J. (2014) Student agreements and student consumers: the marketization of learning and the erosion of higher education as a public good. Trans. Xu, X. Peking University Education Review, 1(45), 36–52.


  • Research student

College affiliation

  • Lady Margaret Hall

Research groups

  • Comparative and International Education
  • Higher Education