Zhen Zheng

Zhen graduated from China Foreign Affairs University in 2001 with a first-class honours degree in English, and obtained MSc in Child Development and Education in University of Oxford in 2014.

Now she is a first year DPhil student at Oxford, doing research into how Chinese children learn English.

Before coming to Oxford, Zhen taught English in China or over 10 years. She also worked in 12 UK schools (11 primaries and 1 secondary school) for one year, teaching Chinese and Chinese culture. Her first-hand knowledge of Chinese and English education, combined with the training she received in Oxford, gives her an advantage to create her own voice in child learning, and in second language learning for young children.

In respect of academic research and publications, Zhen has made a few noteworthy achievements. On 12 November 2010, she attended the 16th Annual Symposium of Foreign Language Education Committee of Chinese Education Society held in Beijing, where she was honored as an Excellent Individual, and made a speech entitled How to Combine E-dictionaries, an Emerging Auxiliary Tool, with Teaching. In the 9th Asia TEFL International Conference held in South Korea in July, 2011, Zhen’s thesis abstract was included, and she delivered a presentation about Classroom Instruction on the Use of E-dictionary and Learners’ Response: An Action Research. This paper was published in 2013 in the book Innovations in Teaching in the Information Age (Book No. 978-7-5100-5605-5).


Title of thesis
Contribution of meaning to young Chinese English learners’ single word reading and spelling

Professor Terezinha Nunes and Dr Maria Evangelou

Research interests
Children learning, literacy development, bilingualism, second language acquisition, English language teaching and learning


  • Zheng, Z. (2014). Chinese children’s use of 3rd person singular pronouns in English and Chinese. ( Thesis, MSc.in Child Development and Education), University of Oxford, Oxford.


  • Research student

College affiliation

  • Wolfson College

Research groups

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Families, Effective Learning and Literacy (FELL)