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All events are held at 15 Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 6PY unless otherwise stated.

All are welcome to those indicated as ‘public seminars’ in parentheses after the title. These are held on Monday evenings and there is no need to book. If you are coming from outside the Department and would like to attend any of the other seminars or events, please contact the convener(s) beforehand.
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2015-16 Bath interns presentations

07 December 2016 17:00 - 18:30
Seminar Room K/L

Speakers: Irem Alici, Paige Crabb, Kate Mee, Grace Murkett and Emily Turner, Department of Psychology, University of Bath.

Conveners: Professor Terezinha Nunes, Children Learning Research Group and Dr Maria Evangelou, Families, Effective Learning and Literacy Research Group (FELL).

PISA Seminar 2016

09 December 2016 -

Speaking in and about the (mathematics) classroom: Lessons from four international studies

09 February 2017 16:00 - 17:30
Seminar Room G/H

Speakers: Professor David Clarke and Dr Man Ching Esther Chan, University of Melbourne

Conveners: Dr Gabriel Stylianides, Subject Pedagogy Research Group and Dr Katharine Burn, Teacher Education and Professional Learning Research Group

In this presentation, we report and connect the key findings from four complementary projects:

  • student and teacher speech in selected mathematics classrooms in eight countries (The Learner’s Perspective Study)
  • the study of student learning when engaged in individual, pair and collaborative group work (The Social Unit of Learning Project),
  • the role of teacher selective attention in facilitating teacher professional learning (The Learning from Lessons Project) and
  • the identification of the professional lexicon employed by middle school mathematics teachers in Australia and eight other countries to describe the events of the mathematics classroom (The International Lexicon Project).

These four studies find their nexus in the social nature of learning in classrooms. We discuss the implications of the project findings for the optimal functioning of the (mathematics) classroom as a site for student and teacher learning.

Professor David Clarke is Director of the International Centre for Classroom Research (ICCR) at the University of Melbourne. Over the last twenty years, his research activity has centred on capturing the complexity of classroom practice through a program of international video-based classroom research in more than 20 countries. Other significant research has addressed teacher professional learning, metacognition, problem-based learning, assessment, multi-theoretic research designs, cross-cultural analyses, curricular alignment, and the challenge of research synthesis in education. Professor Clarke has written books on assessment and on classroom research and has published his research work in around 200 book chapters, journal articles and conference proceedings papers. The establishment of the Science of Learning Research Classroom at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education in 2015 provides Professor Clarke with access to new levels of detail and experimental precision for his classroom research.

Dr Man Ching Esther Chan is a Research Fellow in the ICCR at The University of Melbourne. She is a registered psychologist who specialises in educational psychology and assessment. She is currently involved in several research projects at the ICCR, and is project manager of The Social Unit of Learning Project, and The Learning from Lessons Project. Prior to joining the ICCR, she worked on several Australian Government funded projects in student wellbeing and achievement, early literacy assessment, and school retention. She was awarded an Endeavour Research Fellowship in 2015 by the Australian Government and was hosted for six months by the University of California, Berkeley.