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Liam Guilfoyle

Research Officer

Liam is a Research Officer currently working on the Oxford Argumentation in Religion and Science (OARS) project, funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation.

Before joining the department, Liam completed his PhD research at the University of Limerick School of Education and the National Centre for STEM Education (EPI·STEM) under the supervision of Dr Orla McCormack and Prof Sibel Erduran. His research focus has primarily been on teachers’ epistemic beliefs and perceptions of their teacher education, particularly science teachers. However, Liam has also been involved in a range of other research projects such as an FP7-funded in-service teacher education project on Inquiry Based Science Education, a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funded project focused on developing the teaching of argumentation on socio-scientific issues in second-level classrooms, an evaluation of SFI’s national Celebrate Science Week, and a National Forum for Teaching and Learning commissioned exploration of non-accredited CPD for those who teach in Higher Education.

Liam is particularly motivated by exploring the challenges and possibilities for teachers drawing on educational research for classroom practice and to this end, he is a member of the Teaching Council’s Research Engagement Group (REG) in Ireland, which works to promote teachers’ engagement with and in research.

Liam also serves as a reviewer for the International Journal of Science Education and NARST: A Worldwide Organization for Improving Science Teaching and Learning through Research.

Funded Research Projects:

  • Oxford Argumentation in Religion and Science (OARS) Project

  • Start Data 01-08-2018. End Date 31-08-2021

    Funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation

  • Subjects Taught

    MSc Learning and Teaching


  • Book chapters

    • O'Reilly, J, GUILFOYLE, L, Lehane, L (2019) “Chain Reaction: The Irish Context”, In: S Bevins, L Lehane, J Booth (eds.) Comparative Perspectives on Inquiry-Based Science Education. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. 47-69

  • Conference papers

    • GUILFOYLE, L, McCormack, O, ERDURAN, S Science Teachers’ Views of Education Studies vs the Natural Sciences.

    • GUILFOYLE, L, McCormack, O, ERDURAN, S A Longitudinal Study of Science Teachers’ Personal Epistemologies and Perceptions of Education Studies.

    • GUILFOYLE, L, McCormack, O, ERDURAN, S “Wishy-Washy Nonsense”: Student Science Teachers Epistemic Comparisons of Educational Studies and Physical Sciences.

    • GUILFOYLE, L, ERDURAN, S, McCormack, O Exploring the influence of pre-service science teachers’ personal epistemologies on their perceptions of education studies.

  • Journal articles

    • O'Grady, E, Guilfoyle, L, McGarr, O (2018) “"Biting one's lip" and "distancing": exploring pre-service teachers' strategies in dysfunctional professional relationships”, ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF TEACHER EDUCATION. 46(4) 369-383.

    • McGarr, O, O'Grady, E, Guilfoyle, L (2017) “Exploring the theory-practice gap in initial teacher education: moving beyond questions of relevance to issues of power and authority”, JOURNAL OF EDUCATION FOR TEACHING. 43(1) 48-60.

    • Kelly, R, ERDURAN, S, Walshe, G, GUILFOYLE, L “STeP into Science Project: Engaging Students, Teachers and Parents in Debates”, Chemistry in Action.

    • ERDURAN, S, GUILFOYLE, L, PARK, W, CHAN, W-S, FANCOURT, N “Argumentation and Interdisciplinarity: Reflections from the Oxford Argumentation in Religion and Science Project”, Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research.

  • Reports

  • Other

    • Kelly, R, ERDURAN, S, Walshe, G, GUILFOYLE, L STeP into Science: Engaging Students, Teachers and Parents in Debates - Resources for Continuing Profession Development.

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