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Xin Xu

ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

College Affiliation: Kellogg College

Xin (许心) is an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Higher Education, Department of Education, and a Junior Research Fellow at Kellogg College, University of Oxford.

She has strong research interests in higher education, internationalisation and globalisation, academic and research life, and research assessment and impacts.

Her postdoctoral and doctoral research investigates the internationalisation and evaluation of humanities and social sciences research, with a focus on the influences of incentives for international publications in Chinese higher education.

Xin completed her DPhil in Education at the department as a Clarendon Scholar. Previously, she completed a BA in English Language and Literature with first-class honours at Tsinghua University, and received her MA degree in Higher Education with distinction at Peking University. She has also studied at Heidelberg University as an exchange student in English Language and Literature.



Incentives for International Publications in the Humanities and Social Sciences: An Exploratory Study of Chinese Higher Education Institutions

Funded Research Projects:

  • Internationalising humanities and social sciences in China: tensions, implications and collaboration with UK

  • 2019-2020

    ESRC - Principal Investigator

  • Investigating policy and implementation of English medium instruction (EMI) in higher education institutions in China (led by Dr Heath Rose)

  • 2019

    British Council China - Project Researcher

  • Brexit, Trade, Migration and Higher Education


    ESRC - Research Associate


  • Journal articles

    • XU, X (2020) “Performing under ‘the baton of administrative power’? Chinese academics’ responses to incentives for international publications”, Research Evaluation. 29(1) 87-99.

    • Han, S, Xu, X (2019) “How far has the state ‘stepped back’: an exploratory study of the changing governance of higher education in China (1978–2018)”, Higher Education.

    • XU, X, ROSE, H, OANCEA, A (2019) “Incentivising international publications: institutional policymaking in Chinese higher education”, Studies in Higher Education.

    • XU, X (2019) “China ‘goes out’ in a centre/periphery world: Incentivising international publications in the humanities and social sciences”, Higher Education.

    • XU, X “Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Research”, International Higher Education.

  • Internet publication

  • Reports

    • ROSE, H, McKinley, J, XU, X, Zhou, S (2020) Investigating policy and implementation of English-medium instruction in higher education institutions in China. London: British Council.

  • Other

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