Every year the CCIER organises a series of seminars aimed at identifying, tracking, and rethinking trends in the comparative and international study of education.

Much has changed since the CCIER was founded in the 1990s. New axes of comparative exploration have emerged in the context of rearrangements in the global economy.  Public policy and human security paradigms have shifted to include greater emphasis on schooling as a means for promoting prosperity, sustainability, and equitable governance.  At the same time, ideas of well-being and living conditions differ greatly worldwide.

Events promoted by the CCIER are grounded in the Centre’s longstanding dedication to understanding the social movements of people and the transfer of intellectual, capital, and curricular resources, whilst also theorising and understanding specific social, cultural, and economic challenges of education. Thus, presenters elaborate on theory and method to address scholarly debates and practical issues that are at the core of comparative and international research on education.

All events are open to the public.