Student Access to Colleges at the University of Oxford

4th March 2019 : 17:00 - 18:30

Category: Public Seminar

Research Group: Higher Education

Speaker: Ivor Crewe (Chair) Helen King, Alan Rusbridger, Maggie Snowling, Simon Smith and Mark Wormald (panellists), Lucas Bertholdi-Saad (response)

Location: Tsuzuki Theatre, St Anne's College, University of Oxford

This seminar is number five in a five-part public seminar series on ‘Student Access to University’, led by the Department of Education and convened by Jo-Anne Baird (Director, Department of Education) and Simon Marginson (Professor of Higher Education, Department of Education). The series forms part of the department’s 100th Anniversary celebrations,  marking 100 years of leading research in education. The series will be held at venues across the University and aims to encourage public discussion and move access forward by bringing a research-based treatment to it.

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About the series

Access to higher education is a major social issue in the UK as in most countries. Overall participation in the UK is moving towards 50 per cent of the school leaver age group but non-white students, state school students and students from disadvantaged regions of the UK are under-represented in academically elite universities. This pattern affects entry, completion and outcomes in graduate labour markets. Access to the University of Oxford is a persistent debate. Must universities choose between high standards and socially equitable admissions, or can we have both? What is the scope for change?

Seminar abstract

At the University of Oxford first degree student selection is not ultimately determined by central admissions but is handled by the colleges, though the process of application is standardised across the colleges and prospective students must meet the academic requirements for their intended courses. All Oxford colleges are closely committed to student learning and development but there are various policies and procedures concerning selection, with implications for the student mix. The seminar will be led by a panel of heads of college, and senior tutors. After short presentations from each member of the panel and the respondent there will be open discussion.

Seminar speakers

Seminar panellists will include, Helen King (Principal, St Anne’s College, University of Oxford), Alan Rusbridger (Principal, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford), Maggie Snowling (President, St John’s College, University of Oxford),  Simon Smith (Senior Tutor, Brasenose College, University of Oxford) and Mark Wormald (Senior Tutor, Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford). A response will be given by Lucas Bertholdi-Saad (Vice President (Access & Academic Affairs), Oxford University SU). The seminar will be Chaired by Sir Ivor Crewe (Master, University College, University of Oxford).

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