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Department of Education

Reports for Local Authorities

Reports for Local Authorities on the Unequal Representation of Ethnic Minorities in Special Education in England

The purpose of these Local Authority (LA) feedback reports is to provide information on ethnic disproportionality in Special Educational Needs (SEN) identification within each LA, so as to inform LA policy and practice. We report on the extent of ethic disproportionality in the LA for each type of SEN type (Table 1), the extent of ethnic disproportionality after accounting for other student characteristics such as age, year group, gender, entitlement to a Free School Meal (FSM) and neighbourhood deprivation (Table 3) and the number of students in each ethnic group and SEN combination (Table 5). The pack also provides the national averages for each of the above in Tables 2, 4 and 6, for comparison purposes. The above are the key analyses, but other “All LA” tables provide descriptive information across all LAs for context. Guiding questions are provided to help users to interpret the reported information.

Just like the national analysis, the underlying data on which results are based include information on pupils in Year 1 to Year 11 (ages 5-16) at the time of the 2016 January School Census. At times, descriptive information provided here may differ slightly from DFE reports/tables that include children and young people outside of this age range. Please note that LA packs are not provided here for the City of London and the Isles of Scilly, due to the low overall numbers of students in these LAs.

Find the report that applies to your Local Authority below, according to region:
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