Kirstin Erath is Professor of Mathematics Education at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Germany. Her research interests are language-responsive teaching and learning, conceptual learning of geometry, and equity and participation in mathematics classrooms.

At the moment, she is Co-Investigator in two projects together with Jenni Ingram and Núria Planas: The Nuffield funded project “Developing Language-Responsive Mathematics Classrooms” and the John Fell Fund project “Establishing a Collaborative Relationship for Research on School Mathematics Teaching with Linguistically Disadvantaged Learners”.

Selected Publications

  • Prediger, S., Erath, K., Weinert, H. & Quabeck, K. (2022). Only for multilingual students at risk? Cluster-randomized trial on language-responsive instruction. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 53(4), 255–276.
  • Prediger, S., Quabeck, K. & Erath, K. (2022). Conceptualizing micro-adaptive teaching practices in content-specific ways: Case study on fractions. Journal on Mathematics Education, 13(1), 1–30.
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  • Erath, K. (2018). Explaining as mathematical discursive practices of navigating through different epistemic fields. In J. Moschkovich, D. Wagner, A. Bose, J. Rodrigues & M. Schütte (Hrsg.), Language and communication in mathematics education: International perspectives (S. 119–135). Springer.
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