Claire (she/they) was a teacher, special educational needs coordinator and senior leader across the education sector for 15 years. They bring experience in primary, secondary and special education to their research role. Claire’s research interests include diversity, equity and inclusion and a wider sense of justice in education, as well as collaborative and participatory processes in schools.

Claire is working on the Repair-Ed project. This is a five-year research programme (2023-2028) selected by the European Research Council and funded by UKRI Frontier Research. It involves collaborating with primary school-communities in the city of Bristol to conduct in-depth ethnographic and oral-history research on the features and mechanisms of structural inequities in education. The project uses its empirical findings to facilitate dialogues with schools, their communities, policy-actors and the broader public to explore how reparative justice in education might be conceptualised and enacted. It is motivated by the overarching question: what does reparation in education look like?