Afia Ahmed Chaudhry is a deputy head of history, published writer, and researcher. Her interests span social mobility, British Muslims in urban classrooms, educational theory, and curriculum development. She was recently published in the best-selling anthology, ‘It’s Not About the Burqa’, later serialised in The Times, and has written extensively on British Muslims, Education, and ideology for an equitable society. At present, Afia is writing alongside Fordham, for a history textbook focussed on the secondary curriculum.

Afia has delivered keynotes on Islamophobia and policy in the classroom, diversity and inclusivity in education, classrooms as safe-spaces, and school history as a shared historical experience.

Afia completed her undergraduate degree at SOAS, University of London (2016), and later went on to study at King’s College London (2018) and the UCL’s Institute of Education (2020). She is currently an Aziz Foundation and Regents Park scholar at Oxford, exploring identity formation in British classrooms.

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