In his Doctoral research, Dominik focuses on the predictors and correlates of achievement emotions amongst primary students in Rwanda.

Achievement emotions in education may not only be positive or negative but also activating (e.g. enjoyment) or deactivating (e.g. boredom), which makes them a particularly interesting lens to study student learning engagement.

In this respect, he is particularly interested in interaction effects between person and environmental factors. At the core of his project, there will be an intensive longitudinal study of Rwandan primary students and their maths and language teachers. In addition, a qualitative exploratory phase will precede the main study to cognitively and culturally validate all data-collection processes and tools.

Prior to starting the Doctoral programme, he worked as a specialist in research methodologies in Africa and Asia. As the executive director of idea42 India, he managed large scale social experiments in behavioural economics, microfinance, and education.

As the Country Director for Innovations for Poverty Action(IPA) Malawi, he managed randomized controlled trials in agriculture, microfinance, and SME business development.

As Plan UK’s research specialist, he developed and managed the evaluation of its girls’ education programme in Sierra Leone using a quasi-experimental design.

As Girl Effect Rwanda’s Senior Research Manager, he led all in-country monitoring, evaluation, and research undertakings. I hold an MA in Political Science, Economic History and Economic Policy, an MSc in Development Studies, and a PGCert in Econometrics.

He is an advanced learner of Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s lingua franca.

Funded Research Projects

  • ESRC
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods