Jenny Gore is a Laureate Professor in the School of Education at the University of Newcastle, where she was Dean of Education and Head of School for six years (2008–2013).

In November 2017, she was named the University of Newcastle’s first female Laureate Professor and first Laureate in the humanities and social sciences. Jenny has been Director of the Teachers and Teaching Research Centre since its inauguration in 2013 and has recently completed a four-year term as Editor of the international journal, Teaching and Teacher Education (Elsevier). She has led numerous large-scale studies using a wide range of methodological approaches and theoretical perspectives and has won more than AUD 23.7 million in research funding including 10 grants awarded by the Australian Research Council. Widely published and cited (more than 9,800 citations), Jenny’s educational and research interests consistently centre on quality and equity. Her recent research has focused on: understanding good teaching, conceptually and practically; investigating system-wide pedagogical reform; providing meaningful and effective professional development; and enhancing student outcomes from schooling, including through a suite of studies on the career and educational aspirations of school students, many from disadvantaged communities.

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