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Department of Education

Dr Jim McKinley

Associate Professor, Honorary Research Fellow

Jim McKinley is an associate professor of Applied Linguistics in Higher Education at UCL Institute of Education, and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

He has been an associate of the EMI Oxford research group since arriving in the UK in 2016. Originally from the US, he later taught and studied in Australia and New Zealand, and also taught for many years on Japan’s oldest EMI program at Sophia University (2005-2016).

At Oxford, Jim regularly collaborates with Dr. Heath Rose as well as Prof. Victoria Murphy, has published with several DPhil students, and supervises dissertations on the MSc ALSLA and MSc ALLT programs.

Jim’s research mainly explores implications of globalisation for L2 writing, language education, and teaching in higher education. As principal investigator on the British Academy-funded project ‘Exploring the teaching-research nexus in higher education’ (2018), he continues to research and publish on the bifurcation of teaching and research in higher education and TESOL in the UK and internationally. Jim is a co-editor-in-chief of the journal System and series co-editor (with Dr Heath Rose) of Cambridge Elements: Language Teaching.

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