Jonny is an Honorary Norham Fellow. He was educated in comprehensive schools in Oxfordshire, before gaining his degree in Theology & Religion at Durham University, specialising in Biblical theology, sociology of religion, feminist and queer theology and alternative religious movements. This was followed by a PGCE in Religious Education from Oxford in 2009, where he completed his dissertation on the use of the word ‘gay’ in secondary schools, considering both its negative and positive use and the impact of these on students.

He has held a number of roles, including Head of Sixth Form, Head of Department and Lead Practitioner, where he has developed his interest in teacher education and in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion, specifically with regard to feminist, queer and anti-racist curriculum design and students’ personal development.

Jonny has worked with the Department of Education for several years as both as a school-based mentor and as a curriculum tutor on the PGCE in Religious Education, finding both roles extremely rewarding. He is particularly interested in how we can use RE to help students become active and engaged members of our society and how we can ensure that RE remains central to a strong comprehensive education.