Kedi is a doctoral student in Education, specialising in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition.

In 2017 she completed the Master’s in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition with distinction.

Her Master’s dissertation reported on an intervention study in which she taught a class of year 11 students skills and strategies in order to help them with speech stream segmentation in French.

Her doctoral studies builds on this work while taking advantage of her part-time status to study in detail the progress in listening of teenage English learners of French over three years.  She is taking a Complex Dynamic Systems perspective in order to examine the constantly changing relationships between listening comprehension proficiency and the factors which contribute to this, namely segmentation skills, lexical and syntactic knowledge, strategy use, and affect, as well as examining the pedagogical and social context of the learners.

As well as a doctoral student, she is a teacher of French, German and Spanish at a local comprehensive school in Oxford, where she also mentors for the modern languages Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

She is also a course tutor for Oxford’s distance MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teachers (MSc ALLT). She studied French and German at the University of Bradford (1989-1993), before working as a journalist and editor in London. She also holds a diploma in adult education and educational assessment from the University of Bedfordshire (2007).

Research interests:

Second Language Acquisition, particularly second language listening. Decoding, sound-symbol correspondence, strategy use, self-efficacy in L2 listening; cross-linguistic influence as it relates to L2 listening.

Teacher education, particularly in modern languages.