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Department of Education

Laura Hakimi

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow

Laura currently supervises students on the MSc Education (Digital and Social Change) pathway.  Her research interests include the intersection of ethics, learning and technology in marginalised communities.

Laura completed a DPhil in Education with the Learning and New Technologies research group in 2015. She has since contributed to a number of research projects at the Department of Education and the Oxford Internet Institute. A strong advocate of inclusive participatory methodologies and action research, she continues to practice in a school environment, supporting students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).



Hakimi L, Eynon R, Murphy VA. The Ethics of Using Digital Trace Data in Education: A Thematic Review of the Research Landscape. Review of Educational Research. 2021;91(5):671-717.

Denton-Calabrese, T., Mustain, P., Geniets, A., Hakimi, L., Winters, N. (2021) Empowerment beyond skills: Computing and the enhancement of self-concept in the go_girl code+create program. Computers and Education Vol.175

Geniets, A., O’Donovan, J., Hakimi, L., Winters, N. (eds) (2021) Training for Community Health: Bridging the Global Health Care Gap: OUP


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