Evaluation of the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Fulfilling Lives: A Better Start’ programme

The Big Lottery Fund (BIG) is investing £165 million in the ‘Fulfilling Lives: A Better Start’ programme to facilitate the implementation and testing of different models of early intervention in approximately four areas of the UK.

Alongside government-funded and third-sector providers working collaboratively across health, education and social care, BIG’s funds will allow these areas to make structural changes to the way in which they identify and work with families at risk of poor outcomes, in addition to introducing a range of preventive interventions focusing on pregnancy and the first three years of life.

A team led by Jane Barlow at the University of Oxford Department for Social Policy and Intervention is carrying out an evaluation and learning contract to ensure that the lessons in terms of what works, for whom, and why, are identified and widely disseminated.

The ‘education’ aspect is led by Professor Kathy Sylva and Sandra Mathers, who are investigating the effects of the programme on the foundational skills children need for a successful start to school.

Project lead: Jane Barlow, Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford

More information: www.abetterstart.org.uk/
Research report: Transitioning into Early Delivery
Initial protocol: www.bmjopen.bmj.com/
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