Why did you decide to study the MSc Educational Assessment course at Oxford University?
As a publisher, I decided to study the MSc Educational Assessment because it combined a subject that is a major business line in educational publishing with the academic excellence of University of Oxford.

What is your full time job?
I’m a publisher with focus on educational content.

What strategies do you use to balance your studies with your work and other commitments?
As an experienced leader, I’m used to sponsor complex projects that demand rigorous project management. I usually transfer that knowledge to other aspects of my life, including my studies. As a rule of thumb, balance is the key.

How does the programme support and engage you as a distance learning student?
One must not be fooled: distance learning is much harder than presential learning. The programme does their part providing digital tools, such as a LMS, and through tutorials, residential weeks of classes, supervision meetings, etc. Nonetheless, the individual self-organisation is key to smooth progress and success, since the programme will require long periods of quite long reading and writing.

What do you particularly like about the course?
The academic and administrative staff. I may be old fashioned, but people is always the key to good education.

What do you most value about the teaching at the department?
The professors themselves. They all bring together an amazingly diverse and qualified knowledge and experience.

What’s the community (students & staff) like at the department?
The whole community at the department is very supportive, what is certainly a differential in a part time course.

How has your College added to your experience at Oxford?
As someone not residing in Oxford, it is difficult to make the most of what the colleges have to offer. Having said that, their libraries and librarians have been crucial to grant access to all literature I need (or simply want) to have access throughout the whole course.

How has studying the course helped with your professional development?
The subject of the course is a key stream of revenue in the educational publishing industry, likely to keep steadily growing. As such, the course is certainly providing me with an important toolkit for my career.

What advice would you give to new students who are about to start the course?
A practical one would be keep reading and writing constantly and steadily, don’t allow things to accumulate. A more general rule: listen and keep talking with your teachers and supervisors: they can always help you to progress with your work, especially when you are stuck with something.

Find out about the MSc in Educational Assessment here: www.education.ox.ac.uk/programmes/msc-educational-assessment/