Yao Sun is a full-time student studying for a degree in MSc Education (Comparative & International Education). She obtained the degree of Bachelor in Education from Beijing Normal University in China before coming to the department.

What degree did you apply for and why was it important to you to study this?

I applied for MSc in Comparative and International Education because I wanted to learn from the global educational theories and practices to improve my own educational NGO in China.

What do you plan to do when you complete your degree?

I will spend another year here in Oxford to study for the MBA degree, and after that I will return to my NGO for its professionalization and internationalization.

What do you most value about the teaching at the department?

Various teaching methods were integrated to facilitate our learning process, including lectures, workshops, seminars, field trips, one-to-one supervisions and peer discussions.

Why do you think it’s important to study education?

In order to face the uncertainty of the society and fully realise humans’ potential, a group of us need to study education to be professional enough to handle the work.

What’s the community like at the department?

We have a dynamic and intimate community here consisting of professional staff who are kind and willing to help and a diverse student population who have been working together to contribute to each other’s intercultural knowledge and learning path.