Hugo studied for a PGCE in History at the University of Oxford. Before starting the course he studied History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh and taught English as a foreign language abroad and in the UK. He loved this teaching, but it was when he realised that his favourite parts of lessons were when he was talking about History, that he thought it made sense to become a History teacher!

What first attracted you to teaching?

I love talking about things I’m interested in and sharing my knowledge and passion with others, particularly young people.

Why did you choose to do a PGCE?

I was attracted by the academic side of the course and the chance to explore how to best teach my subject.

Why did you choose to do your PGCE at Oxford?

It’s a prestigious institution. Also, I’m from Oxford so it was a chance to go to the University in my hometown.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about applying to Oxford’s PGCE?

Do it! But only do it if you really want to teach and are passionate about your subject!

How did you find the interview at Oxford?

Actually an enjoyable experience. The tasks we were asked to do were interesting and enjoyable for historical minds, and the interview itself was relaxed and friendly.

Do you have any advice for someone preparing to start their Oxford PGCE?

Get as much reading done before you start the PGCE as you can, because when you’re on the course, time is precious.

Looking back, when you applied to Oxford did you have any misconceptions about the University?

There’s an image of the University that suggests that it’s only for certain types of people. I’ve found that in the education department at least, there is real commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

How have you been supported throughout the course?

The department are very supportive and are extremely helpful if you have any difficulties.

What’s been your favourite thing about the course to date?

The seminars are fantastic

What further opportunities have you gained so far through your degree?

Being a part of the University, there are lot of interesting talks and events that happen here.

Did the College add anything to the quality of your student experience, and if so how?

It was a real privilege to be associated with such a prestigious and ancient college. And surrounded by such beauty!

What are the biggest misconceptions about teaching?

That young people are a nightmare to spend your working life with. Sure there are challenges, but they are massively outweighed by the soul enrichening experience of helping young people develop and mature.

What do you hope to achieve through teaching?

Change the world! One mind at a time!