Developing school relationship policies: Experiences from primary and secondary schools

25th March 2021 : 16:00 - 17:00

Category: Webinar

Research Group: Rees Centre

Speaker: Alison Gray (Goodyers end Primary School) and Paul Nicholson (Gillingham School)

Location: Online

Convener: Helen Trivedi

Audience: Public

To attend the webinar, simply click on this link on the day of the event.

Schools are increasingly taking approaches that emphasise the emotional and relational components of learning.  One element of this can be the rethinking of traditional behaviour policies, either to make them more sensitive to the diverse needs of young people or to recast them completely as ‘relationship policies’.  The two speakers in this webinar have gone through the latter process in their schools – one primary and one secondary – and will discuss the process of creating a relationship policy for the school and its impact on young people, staff and the wider school environment.  The webinar is likely to be of interest to school leaders, SENCOs, Designated Teachers and virtual school staff seeking to encourage their local schools to think about how they can promote positive relationships.


Alison Gray is the SENDCo at Goodyers End Primary School in Warwickshire; Paul Nicholson is the headteacher at Gillingham School in Dorset.


This webinar series is linked to our research programme, The Alex Timpson Attachment and Trauma Programme in Schools.


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