Hayward Review

It’s Our Future: Report of the Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment

Led by Professor Louise Hayward, from Glasgow University


  • Scottish Diploma of Achievement comprising Programmes of Learning, Project Learning and the Personal Pathway.
  • Removal of fourth year external exams
  • A national strategy for standards
  • A cross-sector Commission on Artificial Intelligence
  • Cultural change processes, including professional development for teachers

This project reported to the Scottish Government on

  • the purposes and uses of a qualification/exams system, including recognition of learning, accreditation, selection and accountability
  • consider the approaches to assessment in vocational and technical subjects and lessons that could be learned from these approaches
  • fairness, equity and the impact of different approaches to assessment for qualifications
  • from ideas to practice – the process of change and learning from our past
  • wider National and International approaches to the future of assessment and qualifications

Professors Jo-Anne Baird and Gordon Stobart were members of the Independent Review Group and led the Qualifications Community Consultation Group, composed of:

Dr Lena Gray (Qualifications and Assessment Consultant/Researcher) • Emeritus Professor Jenny Ozga (University of Oxford, Department of Education) • Professor Pasi Sahlberg (Southern Cross University, Education) • Emeritus Professor Dylan William (University of London, Assessment) • Professor Ewart Keep (University of Oxford, Education, Training and Skills) • Professor Anne Looney (Dublin City University, Executive Dean of the Institute of Education)