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Research projects

Hayward Review

Led by Professor Louise Hayward, from Glasgow University, this project will report to the Scottish Government on

  • the purposes and uses of a qualification/exams system, including recognition of learning, accreditation, selection and accountability
  • consider the approaches to assessment in vocational and technical subjects and lessons that could be learned from these approaches
  • fairness, equity and the impact of different approaches to assessment for qualifications
  • from ideas to practice – the process of change and learning from our past
  • wider National and International approaches to the future of assessment and qualifications

The Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment Public Consultation

The Review’s work, which focuses on senior phase learners (predominantly young people aged 15-18), will help create a new vision and options for changing the future of qualifications and assessment in Scotland.  The Review wants to hear from as many people as possible who have opinions on what the future of qualifications and assessment should be like for those in the senior phase, whether you are a learner, parent/carer, teacher or lecturer, employer or are involved in the design and delivery of qualifications.  It is open until 16 December 2022.

To take part in the consultation please click here.

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