The Hazel Project Research

The Hazel Project research at the Rees Centre aims to explore what constitutes effective fostering for adolescents and examine the evidence base on specialist and therapeutic care for looked after children.

The Hazel Project research will also address re-emerging debates around the professionalisation of fostering and how the needs of adolescents within the family environment can be best met through these fostering relationships.

A systematic review will be conducted comprising 3 components:

  1. An exploration of policy development in the area and a qualitative review of existing studies exploring, for example, experiences of fostering and the debates surrounding professionalisation
  2. A collation and review of the quality of the evidence base on, for example, specialist and therapeutic care models
  3. Incorporation of stakeholder consultation for supplementary insight on meanings around ‘effectiveness’ of placements and ‘professionalisation’ concerning fostering relationships, and to cross-reference findings for rigour of approach.

The intended outputs will provide necessary evidence to help inform the direction of policy and practice on care for adolescents and includes submission of the systematic review for academic publication.

The Hazel Project research is a partnership between the Rees Centre and Diverse Care, a collaboration that will continue to build upon the Rees Centre’s research on adolescents in fostering placements.