WATCH: Hans Freudenthal Award winner Terezinha Nunes

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Category: News

A video series, which features our Department academics, is now available online.

The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction, which is a worldwide organisation devoted to research and development in mathematical education at all levels, has been releasing presentations by Hans Freudenthal Award winners.

One such winner is Emeritus Professor of Educational Studies, Terezinha Nunes, who presents four modules about her research.

She said: “This unit was designed to highlight moments in the path that, as a psychologist, I followed as I became more engaged with how children learn mathematics. This path starts with the encounter with findings from my own research that challenged conceptions of ability and pedagogy that were predominant at the time.

“A theme that emerges at every module is the cultural nature of mathematics and the difficulties of trying to coordinate the idea of logical invariants with culture.”

Gabriel Stylianides, Professor of Mathematics Education, and Louise Matthews, Research Project Manager, introduce the series in module zero.

You can watch the videos on ICMI webpages now.