Access, retention and graduate outcomes for higher education students with a background of care or family estrangement

This study aimed to provide insights into the ways in which a history of care or family estrangement impacts on outcomes for higher education students, including their ability to access higher education, whether they complete their course, the degree result they get and their transition into the labour market.

It was strongly focused on providing practical recommendations for policymakers and practitioners, in particular around which interventions are likely to be most useful in creating long-term success for these disadvantaged groups of students.

The study used a mixed methods approach, combining a Delphi study with experts, interviews with practitioners, focus groups with care-experienced and estranged students and analysis of quantitative data on outcomes held by the Higher Education Statistics Agency. The Rees Centre led on this final element (see annex 2).

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External Researchers

Professor Jacqueline Stevenson (Sheffield Hallam University) – Principal Investigator
Dr Zoe Baker (Sheffield Hallam University) – research team
Stella Jones-Devitt (Sheffield Hallam University) – research team
Becca Bland (Stand Alone) – research team