Yasmine El Masri joins the Welsh Baccalaureate Design Group as Expert Advisor

Friday, November 2, 2018

Category: News

Yasmine El Masri has been appointed by Qualifications Wales as Expert Advisor to provide specialist and technical advice to the newly established Welsh Baccalaureate Design Group.

The Welsh Baccalaureate Design Group will be responsible for developing proposals for making changes to the design and assessment of the Skills Challenge Certificate (the skills-based qualification that sits within the Welsh Baccalaureate).  The Design Group will comprise representatives from Qualifications Wales, the Welsh Government, WJEC (the current awarding body of the Welsh Bacc), Estyn (the education and training inspectorate for Wales), and the regional education consortia.

View Yasmine’s full research profile here: www.education.ox.ac.uk/people/dr-yasmine-el-masri/