Examination Reform:Impact of Linear and Modular Examinations at GCSE

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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A three-year joint research project between exam regulator Ofqual and OUCEA on the impact of modular and linear exam structures at GCSE UK culminated this week in the publication of a final report.

The project team consisted of Prof Jo-Anne Baird, Dr Daniel Caro, Dr Victoria Elliott, Dr Yasmine El Masri, Dr Jenni Ingram, Dr Anne Pinot de Moira and Ashmita Randhawa from the Oxford University Department of Education, Dr Michelle Meadows, Dr Caroline Morin, and Dr Rachel Taylor from Ofqual and Dr Tina Isaacs  and Prof Gordon Stobart from UCL Institute of Education.

The research considers whether change in the structure of GCSE exams has affected standards, fairness, teaching and learning practices, cost, and students themselves. The researchers conclude from the range of evidence gathered that in the current educational context, linear exams – taken at the end of a course – are more suitable at GCSE than modular exams.

Teachers and education leaders discussed the findings at an event in London this week that aims to further our understanding of the effect of assessment structure and policy on students in England.

The report received wide coverage on TES and Schools Week.

For an extended summary of the report see the project’s website.