The Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (SKOPE) is  multi-disciplinary, with staff and associates from most branches of the social sciences.

Its central aim is to examine the links between the acquisition and use of skills and knowledge, production and product strategies and economic performance – be it of individuals, organisations or countries.

Established in 1998, SKOPE was originally one of the ESRC’s designated research centres. Initially it was based jointly at the Universities of Oxford and Warwick. In 2006 the Warwick operation was moved to the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University. The Centre builds on existing strengths at both institutions and attempts to extend them into areas that are of major theoretical and policy concern. SKOPE started its third five-year research programme in October 2008.

In addition to its core staff the Centre maintains a network of research associates in the UK and abroad. Some of these associates receive SKOPE funding to work on its research projects.

For more information about the centre, its staff and their research interests please visit SKOPE’s website, call 01865611030 or follow us on Twitter @SKOPEOxford.

SKOPE is currently involved in a suite of six research projects focusing on Developing Vocational Excellence based on groups of individuals involved in skills competitions. Details of the projects and newest publications can be found on: